ObLoMoV: Obesity and Low Motility Victims

Physical short-shocks and Theatre short-stories to convert inactive victims into HEPA social actors

I do believe in movement! I do, I do!

Estragon: Well, shall we go?
Vladimir: Yes, let's go. (They do not move.)
Samuel Beckett, "Waiting for Godot"


Oblomov is the well-known Russian novel by Ivan A. Gončarov which portrays a nobleman who is incapable of undertaking any important action. Oblomov is the incarnation of the indolent man: he hardly leaves his bed and just manages to move from his bed to a chair. Laziness is a risk for the entire lifestyle as it involves other epidemic diseases such as overweight and obesity.

The ObLoMoV: Obesity and Low Motility Victims project takes inspiration from this lazy and inactive literary character to propose a new pedagogic method aimed at tackling the inactivity problem among at least 1.000 European young students of 11/13 years old, as an effective strategy to prevent the problem of physical inactivity among adolescents and related health issues.

It intervenes through a pedagogic working path, based essentially on innovative theatrical techniques and a new professional figure – the HEPA & Theatre Trainer – able to decode and transfer a “sport culture” to preteens students with the aim of raising their awareness about the importance of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA).

Firstly, the theatrical strategy focuses on the decoding and transferring of the new sport assumption of High Intensity Interval Training and High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise, considered the major strategies to drive out adolescents from inactivity.

Secondly, grassroots sports clubs intervene as the right “social milieu” where those two training methods can be efficaciously applied as, once engaged in unprofessional playful physical activities, preteens hardly back off from HEPA benefits.

The Project Consortium involves 7 Partners from 5 EU Countries (Italy, Belgium, Finland, Greece and Slovenia): 4 Universities, 1 Theatre-of-Europe and 2 no-profit associations involved in grassroots Sport.

The idea of the Oblomov project comes from the previous exeperience of the University of Milan called Andiamo a Recitare involving two local theatres Teatro del Buratto and Teatro Verdi and co-financed by Fondazione Cariplo.

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