Coordination Meeting

Milan, 14th September 2017

Venue: Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Piccolo Teatro Strehler – “Eurolab” and rehearsal room “Carpi”, Largo Greppi 1 – Milan, Italy

The 1-day interim meeting in Milan involving the Scientific Committee took place during the second Scientific and Artistic Training session (from 13th to 18th September). The meeting was the occasion to get together the full staff team, composed by: the Scientific Committee, the HEPA & Theatre Trainers, the Post PhD and the other staff members. Some students from the University of Milan took part to the meeting as auditors and some of them will prepare their graduation thesis about the project.

The Oblomov experts of the Scientific Committee expressed their ideas about the project approach, trying to realize how to actualize the Oblomov methodology with the schools and preteens involved.

Now it’s time to schedule the school laboratories!

Expert’s contributions

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