Final Scientific Committee Meeting and Competences Certification

Milan, 2nd Decemer 2019

Venue: Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Piccolo Teatro Strehler – “Eurolab” and rehearsal room “Carpi”, Largo Greppi 1 – Milan, Italy

The 1-day meeting in Milan started with the Scientific Committee and ended with the competences certification for the HIIT-drama trainers. The meeting was the occasion to discuss about the International Conference (3rd December 2019, Milan) and the reporting aspects.

The second part of the meeting involved the HIIT-drama trainers of the ObLoMoV project in their competences certification: the evaluation process to certify what they have learnt during the project, that is a mixture of skills coming from the sport, theatre and educational sectors.

The certifcation process followed the Lombardy region (north of Italy) rules with a practical session in which the trainers simulated the ObLoMoV method for the assessors. The models produced for the evaluation are published here.

Competences certification models

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