Validation Meeting

Thessaloniki, 29th May 2018

Venue: Mediterranean Palace, Anthypaspisti Pantazopoulou 12, Thessaloniki, Greece

The validation meeting in Thessaloniki started with the heroes illustrating their experiences with the school labs and the sharing of each country’s report and data analysis, with reference to the previous project activities.

The Scientific Committee discussed the implemented labs and their results, in order to identify prons and cons in each country. Many schools have been really committed in the project and asked for going on with the labs; this means that the pilot experience left positive results behind and a wind of change!
The partnership is now engaged in the involvement of grassroots sport organizations, to create new links among families-schools-sport clubs.
New perspectives for the Oblomov team have been discussed: the second step could be more focused on tackleing eating disorders and obesity problems through sport and the Oblomov method.
The quality control of results and data has been managed, in order to fulfill the Programme rules.


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