Results Meeting

Ljubljana, 4th /5th July 2019

Venue:”City Hotel Ljubljana” Conference Room Dalmatinova Ulica 15, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The 2-day results meeting in Ljubljana was focused on the Oblomov results achievement.

From the presentations of each country emerged that the Oblomov method has been implemented in 8 structures, some of which sport clubs and some local youth and/or day care centres.

After comparing the collected data, the Scientific Committee has analysed the competences acquired by the Heroes (or Drama trainers): the persons that implemented the project locally, by managing training sessions with the teachers. The competences will be certified under DDUO 9380 22/10/2012 DG Employment and policies of the Lombardy Region system. On that basis any future assessor will be able to certify if a professional figure can be an Oblomov hero/drama Trainer.

Furthermore, the closing session focused on the Oblomov Guidelines production (as the main project deliverable) and the final dissemination events.

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