Coordination Meeting

Milan, 26th /27th /28 th June 2017

Venue: Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Piccolo Teatro Strehler – “Eurolab” and rehearsal room “Carpi”, Largo Greppi 1 – Milan, Italy

The 3-day interim meeting in Milan started with the Scientific Committee and ended with the first part of the Scientific and Artistic Training. The meeting was the occasion to get together the full staff team, composed by: the Scientific Committee, the HEPA & Theatre Trainers, the Post PhD and the other staff members. Some students from the University of Milan took part to the meeting as auditors.

The Oblomov experts of the Scientific Committee expressed their contribution to the project, from their specific point of view, exchanging ideas and professional competences from the different fields involved.

The second day, while the Scientific Committee continued performing the administrative tasks, the HEPA & Theatre Trainers, the Post PhD students took part to the Scientific – Artistic Training, managed by the two trainers from Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Laura Pasetti and Stefano De Luca. During the training session, the team started to practice sport-oriented theatre exercises and technicques.

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