Kick-off Meeting

Brussels, 16th /17th January 2017

Venue: Delegation to the EU, Lombardy Region Government 2, Place du Champ de Mars, B-1050 BRUSSELS

The 2-day kick-off meeting in Brussels was the 1st occasion for meeting each other in presence and establishing the official Oblomov Scientific Committee.

The two days have been a great opportunity for creating a synergistic Oblomov working team, exchanging ideas and professional competences from the different fields involved.

After a formal presentation of the partners and sharing of the Oblomov Vademecum to define agenda, time-table, ethics and project team policy, quality plan etc., the meeting team led by P1 UMIL officially appointed the Scientific Committee and defined its tasks as coordinator and supervisor for both the creation and implementation of the Oblomov methodology. 

In the meeting the scientific sport approach of the methodology was shared: the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and High Intensity Intermittent Exercise (HIIE) theories were presented as major instruments to stir sedentary preteens from inactivity and related issues such as obesity or overweight

After the meeting, the analysis phase takes place, aiming at a scientific debate on HEPA and examining the most recent studies both in each country involved and at EU level, in order to prepare the first output, the “Oblomov Guidelines”.

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