Testing the “Oblomov method”

“We move to grow, we move to change, we move to realise everything in our lives, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally…” After the first phase of the Oblomov project, focused on the working method creation, our Oblomov Theatre expert Laura Pasetti had...

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The Open Scenario creation

In a theatrical context, the use of metaphor and symbolism through parallel stories is more effective and produces more positive results. As the target of the project are pre-teens, the importance of the fairy tale for the creation of the plot was immediately...

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The Open Scenario Workshop

The Open Scenario, the beating heart of “Oblomov Methodology” is the outcome of the Oblomov Workshop which was held between March and May 2017 at the University of Milan, in the early phase of the Erasmus Plus Project “ObLoMoV: Obesity and Low Motility Victims –...

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