Partner Organisation:
P7 AE – Atelier Europeo – Italy
Project coordinators: Mr Eugenio De Caro, Ms Beatrice Gallo, Ms Francesca Fiini

Atelier Europeo is a non-profit association founded on May 9th, 2013 – Europe Day – in order to help the local territory in the promotion and development of a European culture within the third sector and the voluntary sector. The main aim of Atelier Europeo is the dissemination of the European Union policies and the creation of an active network, composed by local associations, aiming at fostering the growth of the territory, in line with the priorities identified by the European Commission. AE also wants to encourage the development of an active European citizenship: the association promotes educational paths and courses for spreading EU objectives and programmes.
The AE members are 9 second level bodies operating in the fields of volunteering, third sector, grassroots sport, social cooperatives and trade unions, representing about 3.000 entities in the Province of Brescia and associating about 300.000 citizens. Among them, the Libertas Sport Centre, is a non-profit organisation, very active in the promotion of sport, culture and free-time activities. It follows social and training aims at a national level, involving about 800.000 members. The Libertas provincial branch of Brescia, directly related to Atelier Europeo, involves about 3.500 people, engaged in the sport disciplines which are among the association’s interests. Furthermore, Others organisations dealing with sport promotion and social inclusion are part of the AE network. Atelier Europeo cooperation with those members, enables it to cover an active deeply-rooted role in the local sport panorama offering and promoting different activities aiming at grassroots sport practice enhancement and diffusion.

Atelier Europeo was born following the Lombardy Region’s warning about the need of helping the local territory to know European policies and meet them through the EU calls. The Lombardy delegation in Brussels is currently in contact with AE and has already offered the use of its headquarter and facilities to host the foreseen project kick-off meeting to be held in the Belgian capital.
In order to fulfil its mission, Atelier Europeo is therefore constantly monitoring the evolution of EU policies and priorities. This allows AE, in this project as in others, to support the partnership toward the most effective options in the implementation of the activities, constantly referring to the European “best practices” and with a great attention to the strategies aimed at enhancing the dissemination and sustainability of the projects.

Background and experience
All the services promoted by AE are free of charge as its staff is composed mainly of volunteers, who offer their competences to support local associations, foundations or public bodies, during this economically-difficult period.
More than 30 European project managers work in AE team, all with a strong experience in management and project evaluation.
Concerning the field of sport, AE has a consolidated and active cooperation with the “Libertas Sport Centre of Brescia”, with whom has organised different events for sport promotion (athletics competitions, dance, cups etc.).

Atelier Europeo
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