Partner Organisation:
P2 PIC – Fondazione Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d’Europa – Italy
Director: Mr Sergio Escobar
Project coordinators: Ms Nathalie Martinelli, Ms Laura Pasetti, Mr Stefano De Luca

Founded in 1947 by Giorgio Strehler, Paolo Grassi and Nina Vinchi with the purpose of creating a cultural institution supported by public bodies and authorities, “Piccolo Teatro” of Milan (PIC) aims at providing for a public service for citizens’ wellness. “Teatro d’ Arte per Tutti” (“Art Theatre for Everybody”) is Piccolo’s slogan and it summarizes its objectives: to perform high-quality plays and shows, directed to the largest audience. In 1991 “Piccolo Teatro” has become “Teatro d’Europa” (Theatre of Europe); this title highlights its importance on a European scale.
Since 1998 “Piccolo Teatro” has been increasing its international and interdisciplinary dimension, becoming a crucial cultural pole in the north of Italy, offering performances of theatre, dance, movie festivals, cultural debates.
Piccolo Teatro’s companies travel all around the world and the theatre regularly welcomes international guests. Since 1986, the Theatre manages a theatre school, founded by Giorgio Strehler and supervised by Carmelo Rifici, where about 230 professional actors graduated in the last few years.

Background and experience:
Piccolo Teatro” of Milan is a qualified and suitable partner in Oblomov as, since 1960s, has been managing a long-time educational offer by the creation and production of a “Multilevel Training Programme” about and with theatre. “Piccolo Teatro” of Milan is available a department managing relationships with schools and universities and it has been promoted a training and educational path for play schools, primary and secondary schools and universities. Among the most recent experiences, in the 2013/2014 season, “Piccolo Teatro” of Milan, with the contribution of the local municipality of Milan, organised a training course for 200 play-school teachers, called “La Scuola va a Teatro” (“School goes to Theatre”), aiming at involving school teachers with non-verbal and scenic languages in a didactic perspective. The teaching focused on different theatre languages, such as drama, story-tale, actors role-playing and set and costumes elements, referring to the theatrical Piccolo’s season.
Moreover, “Piccolo Teatro” managed many projects for primary and secondary schools, planning didactic paths for teachers and learners, about the shows acceptance or aiming at the English learning through plays and performances.

Piccolo Teatro di Milano
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