Partner Organisation:
P6 TKO – Tenis klub Olimpija – Slovenia
Project coordinators: Ms Alenka Matko Juvančič

Tenis klub Olimpija is a club with the longest tennis tradition in Ljubljana.
TKO scope is operating tennis school, promoting sport education before sport training and promoting social and mental wellbeing of its members and participants.
TKO participated as partner at the project HP@SC Network, coordinating several experimental actions of health promotion developed by the partners. TKO is now coordinating the HP-Lab network in Slovenia with the goal to stimulate the exchange of practices and to design new program for Health promotion at sport clubs
During the project implementation a sound collaboration has been developed among all the partners and in particular with the Vicenza tennis club CTV, in particular during the elaboration of specific action plan for HO at tennis clubs.
So many ideas were realized and we know there is so much more to do.

The main idea of Tenis klub Olimpija tell our slogan “we raise people, not only tennis players” adopted by the club to foster the correct understanding of sport values.
We also transferred the idea of TKO VEGE WEEKS that we organized trough HP@SC project. Every week we offered to children different vegetables and fruits. We showed them that instead of chips, chocolates and other sweet and salty snacks, they can toothed carrots, peppers, apples… the idea was so accepted also from the parents, that they started to buy fruit and vegetables and bring them to the club (offered to everybody)…. because WE RAISE PEOPLE NOT ONLY TENNIS PLAYERS!

Background and experience
After we were partners at the project HP@SC, we are sharing sport spirit across and over the club’s borders. We are still organizing actions that we started with the project. During the HP@SC project we have got an idea to work with the children from Day care center. These are children from social weak families. Their parents are mostly not educated well and because of survival problems don’t take care about child progress and development. Usually they cook cheap food, full of carbohydrate… with the only care, not to be hungry… Therefore those parents and also their children are fat. They also don’t have any idea of sport activities and healthy wellbeing.
We think that all sorts of sport clubs are responsible to help them.
Usually club’s members like to be volunteers in some actions. Everybody brings his own experience and be able to contribute to better life for people from the neighborhood.
The key is solidarity.
So, that is why our club is organizing free trainings for the children from Day Care Center. The teachers are our students, getting necessary experiences for their future and children are the happiest to get free opportunity to do tennis and all other different sports.

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