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P5 UTH – University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Exercise Sciences – Greece
Project coordinators: Ms Vasiliki Zisi, Mr Nikolaos Digelidis

The Department of Physical Education and Exercise Sciences in Karyes, Trikala (UTH) is amongst the first 10 Greek higher education departments participating in the formal internal and external evaluation procedures set by the Greek Ministry of Education (for more information, see “Evaluation” at
Four-year studies in the Department lead to a Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science qualifying its graduates to teach in all levels of Education. The focus of the studies is primarily on outdoor activities and sports. The postgraduate programs run by the Department (“Exercise & Health”, “Military Fitness & Wellbeing”, “Sport and Exercise Psychology”, delivered in English through Erasmus Mundus, and “Psychology of Exercise”) have adopted actions to secure high standards of quality such as: selection of instructors on the basis of their scientific profile, lectures and seminars by scientists from abroad (at least 20 experts have visited Trikala over the last five years, covering about 10% of the tuition), enrolment of foreign postgraduate students with European Union scholarships, introduction of external examiners/advisors encouraging students to author their dissertations in English, and application of ICT in teaching, study and research.

Background and experience
The improvement of the quality of research assumes association between funding and the attainment of objectives included in policy agreements, with a view to ensuring both objectivity and international recognition. The Department closely collaborates with the Institute for Research and Technology, Thessaly, as well as with selected university departments in Greece and overseas, that have resulted in joint application for research funding and implementation of research programmes. The faculty members of the Department demonstrate a remarkable research output, which ranks them in top positions not only among their Greek colleagues in Sport Science, but also within the Greek academic community in general. The outcome of this activity is a high quality research‐led‐teaching with undergraduate and postgraduate students being the main beneficiaries. There are permanent contacts for 23 faculty members, 8 teaching/laboratory staff, and 11 technical/administrative staff. Many of them are involved in projects of national and international level, such as: authoring physical education books for Greek primary/secondary education and implementing innovative European projects (e.g. through FP7 and Horizon 2020). Results from innovative research projects have been incorporated into guidelines of international agencies such as the “World Health Organisation” and the “European League Against Rheumatology”. The Department has about 25 active bilateral agreements within the framework of LLP/Erasmus academic exchange programs, as well as numerous collaborations with various institutions (e.g. Women Sport International, Institute for Teaching and Learning) and universities (e.g. Universities of Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Edith Cowan and Manchester). It has also established collaborations with 12 universities within the framework of the common European Postgraduate Program Erasmus Mundus, entitled “European Master Degree in Sports Psychology”.

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