The Oblomov Team

The Oblomov project involves 4 European universities and 2 non-profit associations. There is an important mix matching among these prominent universities and the third sector organisations of the partnership: high competences in the scientific and theatrical fields meet specialized knowledges focused on the project implementation and management.

Mr Enzo Nisoli
HEPA expert
Obesity and nutrition expert,  Associate Professor at University of Milan

Mr Marc Cloes
HEPA expert
Physical activity expert, Full Professor at University of Liége

Mrs Arja Sääkslahti
HEPA expert
Sport Pedagogy expert, Adjuct professor at University of Jyväskylä

Mrs Vasiliki Zisi 
HEPA expert
Sport Sciences expert, Associate professor at University of Thessaly

Mrs Alenka Matko Juvancic
Sport expert
Club manager and  coach at Tenis klub Olimpija

Ms Daniela Sacco
Humanities HEPA&TT
University of Milan

Mr Jacopo Vitale
Physical Activity HEPA&TT
University of Milan

Ms Saara Ehalt 
Physical Activity HEPA&TT
University of Jyväskylä

Ms Elizana Polatou 
Humanities HEPA&TT
University of Thessay

Ms Pia Vatovec 
Humanities HEPA&TT
Tenis Klub Olympija

Mrs Beatrice Gallo
Quality Manager
Sport projects manager at Atelier Europeo

Mr Stefano De Luca
Theatre expert
Theatre Director, Actor, Acting trainer

Mr Alexandre Mouton
University of Liège

Mrs Laura Pasetti
Theatre expert

Italian students: Daniele Bottoni, Stefano Gentile, Andrea Mandolesi, Nicola Manzotti, Chiara Piemontese, Michele Rodolfi, Silvia Spagnol, Matilde Staforini, Valentina Tano, Elena Ogliari
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