“We move to grow, we move to change, we move to realise everything in our lives, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally…”

After the first phase of the Oblomov project, focused on the working method creation, our Oblomov Theatre expert Laura Pasetti had the idea to test the programme before the second training session and the labs’ implementation in the schools involved in the project.

Last July 2017, together with Stefano Gentile, Giovanni Gorla and Silvia Spagnol (students at University of Milan) Mrs Pasetti tested the Oblomov programme with the support of Sarah Clark of the Judo Club of Edinburgh. She explained that «There were 17 kids in total within a wide range of age selected by Sarah Clark. 1 was 8 years old, 14 were 10 – 13 years old and 2 were 15 years old. As our focus is pre-teens : 10-13, I consider this is a good range for our test. We also asked Sarah Clark to send us a more specific profile of the kids so that we can have more information for scientific purposes». That’s why the children were selected from different backgrounds and status: this is important, considering that the Oblomov background will be really complex!

«We filmed the entire session using all our mobile devices and the experience was really useful and inspiring! » continued Laura « we knew already in theory  the majoirity of things that we realised but it was important to have a confirmation in the practice, before involving about 1,000 pre-teens from all over Europe! ».

After this experience, the small team of Oblomov researchers and experts shared with the full Scientific Committee some consideration about the project, in order to plan effective actions and to overcome the possibile obstacles on the Oblomov path. Actually, the test-team observed that very often the main obstacle are the parents: «Look at their packed lunch? crisps and mayo sadnwiches…» pointed Sarah Clark, «You should involve the parents in the project and maybe make the kids and their parents to do something together!».

In conclusion, Laura Pasetti stated that the Oblomov team is a very strong team with many expertise and skills: «I am confident that together we can create a winning programme! After all we cannot forget that this is ENTIRELY NEW. Nobody did before. There are no rules that we can follow».

What is happening now, waiting for the second Traning session in Milan?

Daniela Sacco (Post Phd from University of Milan) with Maddalena Mazzocut will (the project coordinator) work on the Open Scenario. They create narrative structure of three variants of the Open Scenario, with the Piccolo Teatro’s collaboration.

Jacopo Vitale (Post Phd from University of Milan)  with the supervision of Antonio la Torre (President of the Scientific Committee) and the help of Stefano Gentile and Giovanni Gorla (students from the University of Milan) will work on refining all the exercises to be inserted concerning the High Intensive Interval Training.

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