The Scientific – Artistic Training


The HEPA-and-Theatre Trainers

Among the main goals of the Oblomov project is the creation of a new professional figure: the HEPA&TT, HEPA-and-Theatre Trainer, trained on the “Oblomov Methodology” unifying HEPA scientific and pedagogic competences with theatre strategies.  The trainers act as mediators between the new pedagogy and the individual consciences of the beneficiary students. Their specific innovative competences allow them to interact with the school and grassroots sport worlds forming the human resources, teachers and trainers, who are in charge of the preteens education and can, thus, intervene to change their attitude towards HEPA and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Once the trainers are selected, they are trained on the two main project outputs, sport Guidelines and artistic Open Scenario, so that to enable them to master the “Oblomov Methodology” based on the use of theatre as an innovative instrument to decode sport sciences messages and transfer them to inactive preteens.

The training

The Scientific-Artistic Training is managed by Piccolo Teatro and University of Milan, with the all Scientific Committee and an expert pedagogue from Finland. The training is focused on theoretical elements of the “Oblomov Guidelines” and on pedagogic aspects, combined with the theatrical strategies as the core path of the “Oblomov Methodology”. Theatre strategies are based on the Open Scenario results.

The training produces the method to be implemented at school.

The agenda:

  • First session: 27th and 28th June 2017
  • Second session: from 13th to 18th September 2017
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